4th of July week in Arizona!!

Well we went down to Arizona on June 30th and arrived at Uncle Dan’s house around 4AM on the 1st July. What a long trip with the 4 kids. Thankfully my cousin Lance was coming with us and we were able have him help by driving so I could sit in back and pay attention to the kids. Evelyn had diarrhea on the way down and the boys couldn’t stop for bathroom breaks when we were at a bathroom nor at the same time as each other so Matt learned that he could ‘paint the countryside with his urine’. It was so unique of a trip. We had a blast once we got down there though. We got to visit Grandfather all of the days we were down there save one, and the kids got to pick stories for Grandfather to read to them and we videotaped it so we could see it again whenever we want to. All the kids loved the pool in Uncle Dan’s backyard. Andrew eventually became comfortable in the water and began to practice the crawl stroke.outputmvi_65871 outputmvi_6598Matt was a little daredevil jumping in by himself and asking the Vandermark boys to throw him and wait until he came back to the surface to help him. Evelyn was thrilled to be in the water as well since she has been forbidden when the boys are in swim lessons. She would jump to anyone who would catch her and dunk her own head to get ‘wet hair’.outputmvi_6599 outputmvi_6604 She is silly. Rora liked the water as well and the first time she was in she was splashing her arms and kicking her legs doing the doggy paddle almost by herself, but she got cold faster than the others so got to spend considerably less time in the pool. Besides visiting with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Dan, Grandfather, and Lance, Uncle Jack and all of that Vandermark family came, also Aunt Pam and Daniel and we even got to see Grandfather’s brother Uncle Jerry and his wife Aunt Lupee and one of their sons Lee and his three children Ryan, Gracie, and Adell. It was a blast but I am sure that many people was trying for poor Aunt Marilyn. We are all glad she was willing to let us come, but also glad to be home again.

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