Evelyn is potty Training

Sweet smile of successThe Princess Underwear!!!!\"come out!\"

Yep, she will officially be my earliest trained. Evelyn is doing so well, today she just had her first success at a bowel movement in the toilet. And she told me by herself several times that she wanted to go to the bathroom adn held it until we got there! We had no accidents today adn we are almost at the end of week three (I think- could be two weeks). Most of the time I ask her every so often, but the fact that she is telling me she needs to go tells me we are close!!! I am thrilled and so is she because now she can wear her princess underwear 🙂 She is so fun to take to the bathroom because she is so fast (none of that wait for ten minutes or so until they finally decide to go) and she tells me ” It’s coming” and then it does! It is very cute and she gets this darling smile after she does it.

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  1. jennifeg says:

    That is so great that she is potty training so early! I swore I would never start potty training a child and then revert to diapers, but I have done just that with Nicholas. We were completely in underwear for about 3 weeks…maybe it was even a full month…and to make a long story short, he is in diapers now and I think he will be for quite some time yet. I am in no hurry now. It is fun to see pictures on your blog and hear about what is happening with you.

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