Matt’s Birthday Party

Well I pulled it off (with TONS of help) ! MAtt had his party today (his real bday is tomorrow) and he had fun and I think so did all of the other kids. All of the moms commented on it how great it was and how we went all out etc. It is kind of nice to hear since I have been working on it for a week straight with nothing else able to happen but preparations for the party. This year’s them was superheroes. More specifically, Spiderman, Batman, and Superman. We had lots of games and three cakes and Matt got a lot of fun toys. We played Pin the S on Superman, Superhero Tag, a ball game where the two teams pass the ball under then over and back until one team wins, climbing the spider web, using a zipline like Batman, practiced throwing our batarangs into holes (like a beanbag toss but with batarangs), and a game similar to hot potato except with a glow stick (kryptonite). The web and the zipline were by far the favorites of the day. Matt had eleven friends attend and with siblings that participated we had 24 kids not including any babies or their moms. It was a zoo, but a fun one. The kids that were Matt’s friends all got a party favor in a spiderman bag of a reversible batman/superman cape-which was quite popular.
The homemade Spiderman bagthe storebought Spiderman Bagthe BatarangThe over under ball gameThe over under ball game again- new teamsHot Potato Kryptonite gameThe WebEvelyn on the WebMatt playing 'Pin the S on Superman'Superhero Tag- Zoe, Fox, MattMatt speeding down the ziplineMatt’s three cakesBlow out the candlesMatt's favoriteBrotherly Love and sacrifice

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