Nana’s Visit

Alyssa’s mom was able to visit for a week and help out around the house right after Robert left. Andrew was still in school so he mostly did his visiting on the weekend. Matt graduated preschool on Thursday while Nana was here. We went on Friday to mom’s college roommate’s home in Bountiful and my kids played with her grandkids and had a blast playing croquet, perfection, on the swings and slides all in Candee’s backyard.

Candee's house Bountiful UT

I want to see!

On Saturday we went to the Tracy Aviary in SLC in the morning and then we made it over to the Heber Valley Railroad for a Train ride. The kids had a blast. We fed baby Parrots at the aviary and got to see many other birds.

Everyone enjoyed the train ride and we sat in the open air cars and got pics with the conductor and everything.

On Sunday we had Lance (Alyssa’s cousin) up from BYU for dinner and the kids had more fun jumping and climbing all over him.

Evelyn got to go shopping with Nana and got several pairs of new shoes ( I never thought a shoe fetish could start so young!!) . Evelyn also got to cook in the kitchen with Nana to make pancakes.

The boys got new swimsuits and all the older three had a blast playing in the water outside while Nana and Mom and Rora watched. The weather was so weird, in the 40’s when Nana arrived and then up to 90’s by the time she left. WE all enjoyed the sun though it was a bit warm (currently we are in the 40’s with rain again- BRRR!!)

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