Pinewood Derby!

The boys were both allowed to compete in the Pinewood Derby this year. Andrew was in it because he is in Boy Scouts (and he LOVEs it and is thriving- big surprise). Matt was able to compete with the Boys Scouts because the ward was invited to participate and when it came down to it, we needed more competitors on the scouts side, so he was an honorary scout for the day. First they had the weigh in and  official registration to get their names on the board.

They had fun, Andrew was able to make it past the first tier, as was Matt.

Andrew won a second place ribbon, MAtt also would have, but since he is not really a scout, there were not ribbons for him- which did make him a bit saddened. 

Check out their cars! Matt’s was named Rainbow

and Andrew’s was named  RVA (standing for  Rainbow Volcano Arrow)

All in all, a fun evening.

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