A Trip to the Dentist

Well, We had a SUCCESSFUL trip to the dentist on Saturday. I was so relieved!!! We have had such great luck with Andrew- never a flinch or a squirm. So when it came time to take Matt, I was unprepared for the struggle that it became, at one point on one appointment, I had to put the, then, 15 month Evelyn down on the floor to sit on Matt and pin him so the dentist could look at Matt’s teeth without the kicks and hits that the hygienist received. So this time when Matt told me that he was scared of the dentist wen he was three but now he is almost five (his B day is on Saturday) he is happy to b at the dentist. And he was right! He sat with his mouth open the whole time with no squirming or moving away, no crying or continual wiping of his eyes so that no one knows he is crying or anything!!! Evelyn had her first time an was wonderful, she listened to the directions and let them clean, floss, take x-rays, and paint on the fluoride all without any problems or fights (except when they put the lead apron on her for the X-rays- ‘Heavy Mom, off, big Mom.’) She was soo good and cute, I had to post some pictures, I am so proud of all of them!!! 🙂
Matt in the x-ray chairEvelyn's x-rayEvelyn is trying to see the 'toothpaste'

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