Alone again

Well, Robert left yesterday for the last chapter of ‘away from home’ training. Another two+ stint. He will be in training and then at Keesler where we will all move to at the end of the boys’ school year. People always say that things break and happen when the husband leaves and our family is living proof of that. As soon as Robert walked into the airport, Matt was sick to his stomach and let me know he would be throwing up any minute, Andrew broke down because Dad left, Evelyn wasn’t sure why Dad did not walk in the door after she did and Rora could not go to sleep and fell out of her bed because she slept so badly. I stepped on a paperclip which Matt had so kindly opened and put in the hallway so that I got to get a tetanus booster this morning because it was inserted over an inch into the soft arch of my right foot! Yes! we are starting off this time very well.

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