We went to Disney on Ice

So I left the boys with a friends and drove through the first snowstorm of the year to get to the Disney on ICE, Just me and the girls. I know Evelyn loved it, Rora lasted until the last 30 minutes or so before she got fidgety. Evelyn was thrilled to have gone, but she let me know that we saw all of the princesses EXCEPT not Pocahontas. It made quite an impression on her that everyone else was there but not Pocahontas. Funny little girl, what a thing to take away from the show. I enjoyed it thoroughly, teh ice skating was well done, and they did a fantastic job on each of the stories including enough without lasting too long, and fantastic costumes and props/sets. My only regret was that at half-time, my camera batteries died and my spares were dead as well, I guess rechargeables lose their charge when they get old….note to self, date all batteries and watch how they hold their charges. You will have to excuse poor Rora in her picture, the crowd was so overwhelming to her she was not happy about me putting her down to take her picture 🙂


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