Well, here it is week two of Robert’s Deployment this summer and things are OK. Andrew has one more week of school and Matt got done last week. Alyssa’s mom came for a week long visit and stocked the freezer for quick meals (for which we a grateful).  Rora is currently trying her first ‘crying it out’ session- I know she is tired but I can’t hold her all the time until she is asleep. She is such a sweet baby but she wants me to be going to sleep with her all the time and I just can’t I need to do something in the evenings to keep my sanity- other than holding a sweet sleeping baby. I am new at blogging but I keep up with most of my friends through theirs so I thought I would give it a try. Also I thought it would be a good way to send pics and keep all updated. I will probably get better with time but my goal is to set up a spot for the funny things the kids say and a spot for generic blogging with pics and one for my current craft projects to show off what I am accomplishing (besides mother of 4, RS secretary, friend to many…..)

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