Andrew’s First time Shooting

Since Andrew turned 8 he was able to go shooting. In our family this is the predetermined age where you get to first accompany Dad to go shooting. Andrew says that he had fun, though I am pretty sure the beebee guns were preferred over the real ones and Andrew liked the Handguns over the 10-22.OF course I think that has a lot to do with how heavy the 10-22 seemed to him and the size of it was awkward for him to hold correctly.

BEFORE they went out, Andrew learned about the sites on each gun, how to line it up correctly and about the rules of guns. Here they are as stated by Andrew.

1 A Gun is always loaded and because of that you should check it by checking the barrel.

2 Don’t aim at anything unless you intend to hurt or destroy it.

Here are some pics, we are up the canyon right behind Farmington.


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  1. seuldragon says:

    I love the target!

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