A week

Well, it has been a long week here at the Mayo household. The kids of course needed to act up- I can handle that. I became sick as a dog with a sinus infection, no voice, a stiff neck (for lack of a better phrase, though the stiffness was from the bottom of my ribcage, across my whole back up to the base of my skull where it turned to migraine levels) and a cough that would not quit, all to be told by the doctor I am perfectly healthy and he will do nothing for me since I am doing anything that can be done- Yep I can handle that too. Matt started back at Hillfield (his school from last year) on Monday while Andrew continued on at Mountain View, both schools starting and getting out at the same times and ten minutes apart in opposite directions from each other- got that one covered too.  Evelyn is now afraid of the dark so much that she sneaks into my bed in the middle of the night to sleep with me- sure I can share my bed too. Rora still can’t figure out the whole time change and since she has not slept past 5, maybe six on a good morning since Robert left, it has now become 4AM maybe 5 for our morning wakeup calls with a bedtime of anywhere from 10-12, this makes for a very cranky two year old (and mommy)- I guess I can handle this one too. Oh yeah and the construction to renovate houses here on base accidentally ran over the phone/internet lines leaving me stranded for four days- starting to become irritated, but still doable. OK so I can handle all of these things separately, but together…. who do you think I am, SUPERMOM? Well, at least I have something to aspire to:)

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