Rora is so fun lately. she is making this kissing/smacking lip sound lately and then she cracks up- she thinks she is so funny (and I agree). She is pulling up to a stand on anything and everything and mostly on mom. While we are glad that she is doing so well, she is also very fast and sometimes when I have to set her down, she pulls to a stand onto me before I can get up to get the phone or whatever I am having to do and then she is upset when I ‘abandon her’ to get something done. She is great though and yesterday she stood unsupported all by her self for 30 seconds!!!She is the funnest and sweetest baby that I remember having (of course she is the only one that is a baby right now so I am likely not remembering the others). outputmvi_7182

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  1. chellesmith says:

    Rora looks just like Matt. She is so cute. Wow they sure do grow fast, Jett is all over the place and into EVERYTHING!!! It is fun and drives you crazy all at the same time.

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